Internet Service for Madison Gaming Developers

Rock solid, fast Internet service for high-performing teams. Delivered locally.

In the fast-paced world of Madison gaming development, you don’t have time to navigating boring phone menus or chatting with clueless bots if your Internet isn’t up to speed. Although this rarely, if ever happens with SupraNet Internet, when you call us, a human answers the phone. Right away.

A little backstory

SupraNet is an independent, locally owned and operated Madison ISP that’s been around since 1994. We’re not just here for the gaming boom. We’ve grown with the local legends and we’re here to grow with you. Check out some of our current and past clients below.

Madison Gaming Company Clients

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Why We’re The Best ISP and Data Center in Madison for Humans

  • Answered Calls

    When you call SupraNet, a human answers the phone.

  • Vigilant Technicians

    Our vigilant technicians are constantly monitoring our locally-owned and designed fiber and wireless networks to make sure you stay connected.

  • Fine-Tuned

    We will develop you a customized, balanced, Wi-Fi network to keep your team working hard and having fun.

  • We’re safe

    Although we’re high tech, we’re personal. When you store data with us, we meet you and escort you personally to our center.

  • We appreciate you

    Unlike the large ISPs and the cloud, we truly appreciate you and your business. You make our town exciting. We want you do succeed in your quest because when you level up, our community wins. Check out our community involvement.

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