SupraNet’s Managed IT Services in Madison and Beyond

We’re your local Internet Service Provider with our own networks

graphic icon of end of fiber optic cordFiber Internet

SupraNet has an extensive Fiber Optic network throughout the Madison area, expanding in all directions every year. Fiber provides for unlimited scalability, preparing you for any change or future need. Available speeds range from 10 Mbps – 10 Gbps.

Wireless Internet

SupraNet’s locally engineered a directional rooftop wireless network throughout Madison supports local businesses. Available speeds range from 10 Mbps – 1 Gbps. Wireless eliminates the cost or timeline limitations of fiber, and still provides you with business-class connectivity.

Bulk Internet Services

Reliable Internet is of top concern for both residents and businesses, and SupraNet is excited to provide high-speed Internet service to Multi Dwelling Units (MDU) using our own Fiber or point-to-point wireless network. Your residents can experience the increased reliability, speed, and security of SupraNet’s bulk Internet connection, all backed by our unmatched local and proactive customer service.

Cloud Storage Solutions

Whether your need is for primary hosting services or disaster recovery, our multiple locations across the Madison region can accommodate even the most complex infrastructures. We also include maintenance consulting every month, helping to ensure your servers’ operating systems and software packages stay up to date.

Managed Services

A fast and reliable Internet connection is a great foundation, an expertly designed network allows you to take full advantage of a SupraNet Internet connection. Whether you are hosting a complex set of systems in our data center, or managing an office with desktops, phones and numerous devices, SupraNet provides a seamless Managed Network Service for your business.

Additional Services

We also provide web hosting and work with vetted partners on telecommunications and additional IT needs.