Get to know your Proactive Partners at SupraNet

At SupraNet, we take our clients seriously and we take fun seriously. This balance keeps our homegrown staff motivated, happy, and here. The longevity of our team members provides you with consistent partners that support your your evolving needs. Get to know us!

Headshot of Bryan

Bryan Chan

Founder & President

Start Year: 1994

Bryan Chan 80s Double Exposure Portrait

How Bryan helps SupraNet Clients: Bryan helps SupraNet clients by ensuring they are happy with the service, generating ideas for needed products and services, and supporting community organizations around Madison.

Bryan’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Searching classic and sports cars on and searching what’s going on around town on LinkedIn.

Bryan IRL: Bryan enjoys getting to know everyone around town by attending networking events, fundraisers, and performances.

First Favorite Book: Harry the Dirty Dog

Headshot of Matt

Matt Apps

Executive Vice President

Start Year: 2015

How Matt helps SupraNet Clients: Matt oversees the SupraNet network, operations, field and customer support teams. He also helps potential clients with hybrid cloud data storage solutions.

Matt’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Insane skateboard tricks on Youtube and Instagram.

Matt IRL: When’s Matt’s not in the office, he’s usually traveling with his family, finding obscure yet notable bands to photograph around the world.

First Favorite Book: What Do People Do All Day?

Headshot of Rachel

Rachel Whitmore

VP of Strategic Business Development

Start Year: 2012

How Rachel helps SupraNet Clients: Rachel is a constant point of contact for clients and provides education on our products and services. You’ll see her out and about at High Tech Happy Hours and other networking and social events!

Rachel’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Articles on geography and nature, natural wonders of the world, famous places, national landscapes and travel.

Rachel IRL: Rachel spends many weekends camping with her family.

First Favorite Book: She’s Come Undone

Headshot of Vince

Vince Fumusa

Technical Sales Director

Start Year: 2017

How Vince helps SupraNet Clients: Vince is on top of all the new apartment development projects in Madison and finding bulk Internet solutions to make Madison apartment dwellers happy with bulk fiber connectivity.

Vince’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Golf instruction videos. They don’t help his game. Just ask Brandie.

Vince IRL: Vince’s idea of a good day is sitting at a piazza in Italy with a spritz and people watching.

First Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Headshot of Jennifer

Jennifer Ricci

Strategic Account & Channel Manager

Start Year: 2020

Jennifer Ricci 80s Double Exposure Portrait

How Jennifer helps SupraNet Clients: Jennifer is your go-to for B2B sales. She’s been in the biz for a while and brings a wealth of knowledge to your technology needs. You’ll likely see her at one of Madison’s many networking and community events.

Jennifer’s Internet Rabbit Holes: These days Jennifer finds herself going down the networking rabbit hole on LinkedIn or scrolling through social media to keep up with friends and family.

Jennifer IRL: Jennifer loves hiking, long walks, and spending time with friends and family whether boating on Lake Mendota or heading up north to their Lake house in Trego, WI.

Favorite Book: The Giving Tree

Headshot of Brandie Reitz

Brandie Reitz


Start Year: 2012

Brandie Reitz 80s Double Exposure Portrait

How Brandie helps SupraNet Clients: Brandie is the go-to on billing questions.

Brandie’s Internet Rabbit Holes: I love to look up, read and Pin new recipes!

Brandie IRL: Brandie is learning to golf and enjoys spending time outside with family and friends.

First Favorite Book: The Boxcar Children

Headshot of Joe

Joe Felder

Senior Internet Support Technician

Start Year: 2014

Joe Felder 80s Double Exposure Portrait

How Joe helps SupraNet Clients: Joe is your hero on the other end of the phone line when you’re having any issue. He handles most of the support tickets and is often requested by clients if he’s not automatically on the other end of the line.

Joe’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Random niche music genres

Joe IRL: Joe gets down with video games & watches all the movies.

First Favorite Book: The Hobbit

Headshot of Brad

Brad Stone

Senior Project Manager

Start Year: 2012

How Brad helps SupraNet Clients: You’ll see Brad around town with his surveying wheel. He measures for fiber installs, submits applications to the city to make sure clients get connected to the Internet with the best customer service.

Brad’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Brad’s rabbit holes include looking up technical Linux fixes and workarounds.

Brad IRL: When not immersed in fiber measurements and linux fixes, you can find Brad in the dirt on his hemp farm.

First Favorite Book: Magic Digest – Arguably the best introduction to magic for anyone with interest.

Headshot of Brian

Brian Olson

Network Engineer

Start Year: 2020

How Brian helps SupraNet Clients: Brian designs and manages most of the Wi-Fi networks and outdoor wireless installations.

Brian’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Reading about new tech, usually.

Brian IRL: Brian enjoys playing with his kids and working on his cars.

First Favorite Book: The IceWind Dale Trilogy

Headshot of Kao

Kao Lee

Network Engineer

Start Year: 2018

Kao Lee 80s Double Exposure Portrait

How KAO helps SupraNet Clients:

KAO’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Reading about new tech, usually.

KAO IRL: Kao enjoys spending time with his kids and relaxing around the house.

Favorite Book: Tragic Mountains – The Hmong, the Americans, and the Secret Wars for Laos, 1942-1992

Headshot of Mary Jane

Mary Jane Connor

Creative Director

Start Year: 2023

How Mary Jane helps SupraNet Clients: Mary Jane helps potential clients by making sure they know how fast and reliable our Internet is and how proactive our staff is through consistent, spirited communications. She helps current clients by finding ways to promote their businesses and projects via social media and other cross promotional channels.

Mary Jane’s Internet Rabbit Holes: Lip Sync Battle clips (Check out Joseph Gordon Levitt’s performances and you wont’ stop either!)

Mary Jane IRL: Mary Jane likes the simple things in life. Yoga, grilling (she only likes cooking on a grill) and spending time outside with family and friends.

Favorite Childhood Book: Bill and Pete

Headshot of Colin

Colin Baker

Senior Network Engineer

Start Year: 2004

Travis Welsh

Field Engineer

Start Year: 2017

Headshot of Truman

‮neliK namurT

DevOps Administrator

Start Year: 2018

Robot holding up pint of beer.

SupraNet Robot

Public Relations Representative

Start Year: 2013

“Great ISP, I have enjoyed the quality service and responsive nature of the internet services. Thank you.”

“We have used SupraNet for a very long time for our organization. They’ve grown up with us as much as we’ve grown up with them. The services are quality and we rarely have issues. They are responsive to our needs, proactive in communications, and always willing to help. There is a reason we’ve remained a customer for so long with the quality we get here!”

“Supranet is awesome! They are a community oriented company that cares about customer services and provides services to help customers that are not tech experts best use their services. They have engaged in our mission and look for ways to help us more forward. It is great to have a friend and mentor in the wild world of web presence management.”

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More about SupraNet Leadership

Bryan Chan

Founder and President

Bryan founded SupraNet in 1994 with the goal of providing stellar Internet access to the Madison business community. He co-founded the annual Forward Festival in 2010 and has co-organized the monthly networking event, High Tech Happy Hour, since 2005. He is renowned in both the nonprofit and entrepreneurial communities for his philanthropic involvement, especially in the arts community. He serves on several boards including the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Dane County, Madison Rotary Foundation, MadREP and the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art. He lives on the far west side of Madison with his son and daughter. In his free time, he enjoys traveling and yoga.

Matt Apps

Executive Vice President

Matt has been with SupraNet since 2015 and is responsible for leading the technology team, ensuring SupraNet is ready to meet the needs of our clients now and into the future.  A Wisconsin native, Matt attended the University of Wisconsin business school in Madison where he received both his BBA and MBA. Matt spent 16 years at TDS where he had a career in website management, product management and product development, launching many innovative data access products.  He is also a featured speaker at marketing and technology events across the United States and Europe.  Matt lives in Waunakee with his wife and two children.  In his free time he enjoys travel, technology, music and photography.

Rachel Whitmore

Vice President of Strategic Business Development

Rachel has been with SupraNet since 2012 and is responsible for managing the sales team as well as coordinating SupraNet’s marketing and public relations efforts. Her role helps build and maintain relationships with our clients, as well as furthering SupraNet’s brand and messaging. Rachel has experience in multi-area marketing planning and sales strategy. She attended Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, Michigan where she received a BS in public relations and a MS in integrated marketing communications. She was born and raised in southeast Michigan, and moved to Madison in 2010, where she currently lives with her husband and two children. In her free time she likes to hike, swim, cook and travel.

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